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From the inventor, Adam Kolloff

Thank you for your interest in Pure Plane. If you follow me on social media, you know how passionate I am about helping golfers improve. Pure Plane is my newest training aid that I’m excited to share with golfers from all over the world. Not only do I strongly believe this training aid will help your game, it will continue to help mine, and the students I teach.


I’ve been teaching the game for over 12 years and been fortunate to learn and train under under some of the best players and teachers in the United States, most notably Jim McLean. I’m lucky to have received several awards such as Golf Digest Best in State and America’s Best Young Teachers. In 2019, I was awarded Massachusetts PGA Teacher of the Year, and in 2021, I was awarded New England PGA Teacher of the Year. I’ve written a book called The Ultimate Guide to TrackMan Swing Analysis and developed the first TrackMan app on the Apple store that displays color coded feedback, based on ranges developed through ball flight research, to help players understand the numbers and learn what to work on.  I recently opened an indoor training facility in Boston, MA, that specializes in helping players improve through instruction and the latest technology. I’m truly dedicated to the game and I love coming up with innovative ways golfers can improve.


In 2019, I was frustrated to find an easy to use and lightweight training aid that could anchor an alignment stick to the ground, which could be adjusted and used in so many ways to helps players improve. I would put sticks into the ground when I was outside, but indoors it was a challenge. Current aids were either heavy, bulky, not portable, and lacked features that I was looking for.


My idea was simple. Use the weight of a golf club to anchor one end of an alignment stick to the ground. That way it could be extremely lightweight, small, and easy to travel with. I added other features so players and teachers could use the training aid in so many different ways to improve various faults in setup, body control, and club movement. Through many iterations, and working with engineers and manufacturers, Pure Plane is finally here.


Again, I want to thank you for visiting this page and for your interest in Pure Plane. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate in reaching out to me. You can contact me here. Best of luck with your game and I look forward to hearing your feedback about Pure Plane.


-Adam Kolloff, PGA