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Golf’s Most Versatile Training Aid

Pure Plane Pro GEN 3

Dial in your game

Create the ultimate practice station and finally fix faults such as hooking, slicing, poor contact, and more. Pure Plane anchors alignment sticks at adjustable angles to help you improve specific fundamentals in your swing. Get dialed with Pure Plane Pro GEN 3, our newest version packed with improvements and new features!

What is Pure Plane?

Pure Plane is a patented swing plane training aid that anchors alignment sticks to the ground with the weight of a golf club. Use Pure Plane to fix a slice, hook, poor contact, and more. It's small, extremely lightweight, and easily fits inside any golf bag.

“Pure Plane is undoubtedly the best training aid I've found throughout my time as a junior and collegiate golfer. Most aids on the market today fix one very specific part of the golf swing, whereas Pure Plane offers fixes for many swing faults, whether it be swing plane, club path, and even short.”


“This is due to their excellent service, competitive pricing and customer support. It thoroughly refreshing to get such a personal touch.“

David H

“100% recommend they have affordable everything on their website. Have purchased 3x and every order after gets bigger & bigger. Thank you“

Vanessa L